Payment Plan Policy

Down Payment Plan Policy:

We are here to help collectors collect and not take your money. We completely understand that it is sometime hard to front all the money upfront. We came up with this payment plan to provide quality customer service and to help our customer with their collection.  We understand that collecting figure is an expensive hobby. By doing the payment plan, you are accepting to the terms:

-25 % down total that is non refundable / non-exchangeable

-Set up a payment plan monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly

-Courtesy figure/scale inspected before leaving our store for damage.

-no exchange unless damage. Inspection at the shop time of purchase. ( if buyer refuses to open we will not be responsible for damages that leave the premises

-20 dollar late fee will be apply if no payment received in a month. (Courtesy text or reminder before applying the fee)

-no payment received in two months lets us know the buyer has forfeit the merchandise and no longer wants the item. The store will keep the 25% down payment and refund the remainder of the balance to the buyer.