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Pom Pom Tina

BINDing Itoe Bunny Ver.

BINDing Itoe Bunny Ver.

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It's MILFin' Time! Oltlo's Ms. Itoe in a bunny outfit! Ms. Itoe, originally illustrated by Oltlo, was featured in Comic Anthurium Vol. 085. and now she's been reproduced as a figure! We have recreated such an obscene figure who is audacious and confused at the same time. Of course, Ms. Itoe's exultant expression will flip your switch, but there are other things you'll notice with Ms. Itoe, Such as her exuberant booba emphasized by her bunny suit and those ample thicc thighs. In addition, interchangeable parts are available for more banger exposure! A toy can also be inserted into a place that is considered classified information. Pubic Hair decal is included for those who prefer to have attachments. Please spend the rest of your days with Ms. Itoe as we send you off with our "Best Wishes".

PVC and ABS, fully painted and assembled
1/4 scale  Total height: 18㎝ / Total Length:26cm

*18+ product



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